Polinsys is looking for honest and dedicated franchisees to promote immigration and education products around the world. If you are a house wife looking for starting a rewarding entrepreneur or if you are a retired couple wanting to provide service which changes peoples lives, you have it with a Franchisee from Polinsys

  • The fundamental quality of a Polinsys Franchisee is HONESTY. We do not provide any information which will be misleading or which are not the facts.
  • A Polinsys Franchisee may be up and running with an investment of at least $12000 which will depend on the location, This amount excludes office space and local licencing fees (if applicable)
    • A security deposit of $3000
    • Franchisee fee of $2500 which includes training, starter kit, software licence, etc
    • $2000 for equipment (Computer terminals for 4, and related expenses)
    • $2000 for displays
    • $2500 for initial advertising and promotions
  • A Polinsys Franchisee must be a full time investment. We are not looking for part timers.

With over 50 Branch offices (Franchisees and Corporate) around the world, Polinsys is taking strides to reach the different communities to promote the best destinations of the world. With a big market for education and immigration.

  • Canada is undobutdly the best destination in the World and promoting Canada for Education and Immigraion is a lucrative business. In fact, the job of any Polinsys office is to change peoples lives for the better. Be part of a winning team! Become an associate director of Polinsys and win big!

Polinsys is looking for focussed, honest and driven individuals and/or businesses to be part of Team Polinsys.

  • The fundamental quality of a Polinsys Franchisee is honesty. You are in a business which will grow by itself if you are honest and focussed on the client. Your bank balance will grow through honesty and reputation.
  • People who focus on their bank account with absolutely no focus on the students or families who depend on their councelling do not belong to this business. Being a Polinsys Franchisee means you become an Associate Director of Polinsys.
  • Being an Associate director of Polinsys means you should have the courage and the mettle to turn away a client who do not qualify instead of trying to make the client “Fit into the groove”! At Polinsys we would like to partner with the best clients in the world because our Associate Directors are the best in the world!

If you have an initial investment of at least $12000 and a office space of at least 200sq ft in a prominent location in your city, please provide us your contact info below and you will be sent more information or someone will contact you!

With a small investment of only $12000 you could become an Associate Director of Polinsys operating your own branch. At Polinsys we have more success with Individuals or Families who build the business in their regions based on honesty and integraty. Ideal business opportunity for a well educated house wife who is entrepreneural or a retired couple wanting to have a new track in life, promoting the best destinations of the world and helping people change their lives for the better!

To take the first step to obtain more information, just provide us your name, phone number and email ID and we will send you all relevent information.

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